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Photo by Peter Meyer

Ganesh Baba pictured in Calfornia in 1980 when he was 95.
He stayed in the US till 1986 when he was 101.

The philosophy of Swami Ganeshanand, 'Ganesh Baba'

This summary of his philosophy was taken down by David Stuart Ryan from the swami's notebook, one of the very few things he carried in his small bundle of possessions, directly after Ganesh Baba had returned to the Kashmir Valley from a pilgrimage to Amarnath, 15,000 feet up in the Himalayas, in August 1968. This is one of the most revered pilgrimage centers for followers of Shiva.

Link to a short description of Ganesh Baba's life by Peter Meyer.

You can read more about Ganesh Baba in David Stuart Ryan's novel Looking for Kathmandu.

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Swami Ganeshanand , Divine Life Society , Darjeeling , West Bengal


Amen! Ameen!


The principles of scientific spiritualisation

amplified by Sri Ganesh

Original author: Yogacharya Srimat Tripura Charan Devesharma

Containing the principles of cosmic action or kriya

We must lose no time in realising the gravity of our present predicament as a specific species geared to free will. Though our free will may be not entirely or absolutely free it is also not fettered by any blind, lack-law or lack-love fate. We must realise the gravity of our failure, in our specific property (the gyro-compass of free will) spirituality; and each of us must make it our bounden responsibility to realise our respective shares in the lapse of our species and seek remedy to our individual lapses, which by and large add up to the totality of the general lapse of our species in regard to its most specific property i.e. spirituality.

The next revolution is going to be a spiritual one and it will have to touch off a chain-reaction of personal revolutions leading to total revolution, individual changes leading to a social change. Each of us is responsible for the real revolution in the offing, the revolution of modern man, the modern matter-mad spirit-oblivious man, trying to turn his face towards the spirit, steering an even course between matter and spirit, a harmonious combination of both as complementary aspects of the one Integal Reality. None can conscientiously disclaim his or her responsibility in which one has to kill nothing but his or her own vices including lack of spirit or failure of faith. If you are not doing so you are hindering humanity in its general progress.

It is the progression of individuals like you and we that the general progress of humanity consists of. If we neglect our own personal progression along our natural evolutionary trajectory as human beings, blessed with evolved consciousness, we add resistance to the general progress which each of us so hopefully looks forward to. Our individual fruition cannot also reach a satisfactory stage of completion unless we contribute our share to the general evolutionary progess by properly practising our personal part. Thus the cause of this on-coming revolution is going to be personal revolution leading to mass revolution. Scientific spiritualisation of the individual will, by chain-reaction, lead to the spiritualisation of the general. Let us each do our personal part in perfecting our spiritualisation, then we may hope for the whole of humanity to turn from its present trends over which we find ourselves often tortured. Let us take the step to spiritualise our individual selves in the scientific way indicated in this book; we may be able to infect others with the same spirit by acting as focii of spiritual induction. Spiritualisation, especially scientific spiritualisation, like magnetism, is inductive, infectious and readily affects persons proximate to the spiritualised. Spiritual emantions envelop the whole cosmos. Our individual essay in scientific spiritualisation has its effect on Cosmic Spiritual Field. It attracts benign blessings to the Universe along with the attainment of grace and blessings by the aspiring individual.

The Cosmic Action (Kriya) technique of scientific spiritualisation makes for Cosmic Welfare (Vishorakalyaan) It is supposed to be the Supreme Sacrifice (Yagyan), the Perfectmost Propitiation. Being based on the principle of Cosmic Action it makes use of Cosmic Energy (action must generate or absorb energy), which is inexhaustible, to power the spiritual gyro-compass in man. The first benefit that readily flows from Kriya practice is solution of all power problems in the individual man to start with. It activates appropriate energy in the individual psychosomatic and no power shortage or failure is ever felt. Physically, vitally, mentally, intellectually and even in the planes of the occult or astral, he or she becomes adequately powered if not always demonstrably powerful. They should never be demonstrative of occult powers; but may demonstrate the process or technique if directed to do so by a proper authority on the subject.

Kriya or Cosmic Action, as its name implies, is an active spiritual technique and not a passive process of proselytisation. It does not postulate any passivity or inaction. It is not a cult of escapist nihilism, indeed it is the culture of Cosmic Action, as against the inertia of ignorance; that is the crux of the crucial lay techniques of cosmic communion or communication with Cosmic Consciousness, the summum bonum of Universal Spirit or spirituality as one may call it. This is the supremely attainable consciousness in our highest cosmic plane. Cosmic Consciousness by Cosmic Action, that in short is the broad formulation behind Kriya-spiritualisation process.

We must clearly state as to what we mean by Cosmic. It is evidently adjectival of the wind. 'Cosmos' which means neither perfect chorus or a perfect chaos but a Cosmos, a medley characteristic of both. The word cosmic has been used in the same spirit and context as Cosmic Rays, the source of which ultra-terrestial radiations is empirically unknown. But here the scope of the name acquires a broader perspective. The realisation of cosmic consciousness as consummation of Kriya practice is, however, not outside the scope of the empirical. It can be as empirically experienced as the observations through the telescope or microscope or spectroscope. The Kriya technique utilises the eyepiece provided at the pineal plexus within the human cerebrum, along the cerebro-spinal channel. The individual ego-consciousness expands the Cosmic Action (Kriya) to embrace the total context of consciousness in the entire cosmos around us - the highest attainable level of consciousness which the most perfected human beings can ever attain. This is called or rather termed here as Cosmic Consciousness. This is evidently the highest point of spiritualisation. That Cosmic Consciousness is the Common, the Highest Common, Spirit in the Cosmos, the Divine Spirit, the Unity that pervades the manifold diversity of the Universe. Realising that spirit is indeed the essence of spiritualisation.

The realisation of Universal Unity results in a harmonious rapport being established between the individual and the universal. A sense of belonging, a sense of affinity among all in the Universe wells up in the self-realised soul making for peace, happiness, bliss and beatitude. Universal Love acquires a practical significance for the one who has realised the Spiritual Unity of the Universe. This is the real result of spiritualisation, the most essential result, the most desireable indeed. This counterpoises the damning nemesis of mad materialism, naked unabashed matter-grabbing maniacal materialism. This takes away the sting from rabid materialism by removing its poisonous fangs, rapacity and selfishness; love born only of realisation of Universality serves as an antidote to separatist selfishness, exclusive acquisitiveness and aggressive self-aggrandisement. It makes for selfless service and unselfish sharing of the bounties of life with others.

That indeed is Life Divine.

Ganesh Baba at 101. Pictures from his stay at the French centre, Association le Vieux Salydieu, 85320 Bessay - tel: 02 51 97 27 40 , which teaches Kriya Yoga. More information

Sri Mahant Ganesh Giriji Maharaj's memorial

It is within the grounds of the Alaka Nath Temple, Bareilly.
His body was brought from Nainital, near Almora, Uttar Pradesh
to here when he died in November 1987.
Photo by Peter Meyer
International Times article about India and Ganesh Baba by David Ryan
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. Link to a short description of Ganesh Baba's life by Peter Meyer.

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