Moon sign characteristics

The moon sign describes your emotional self, the conditioning you have from early childhood which has formed your needs and way of seeking out comfort on an emotional level.

It also relates to the past, to instincts, to the accumulated inheritance you have from being here on planet Earth. In Jungian terms, it is the universal unconscious where archetypes of behavior reside. You will need to have your birth chart prepared in order to discover your moon sign, you can do this by filling in your birth details below.. The moon changes signs about every 2 1/2 days in its monthly cycle around the Earth. Click on your moon sign to read it Moon in Aries  Taurus  Gemini  Cancer Leo  Virgo  Libra  Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn  Aquarius Pisces


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    Moon in  Aries  Taurus  Gemini  Cancer LeoVirgo     Libra 
     Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn  Aquarius Pisces
    Moon in Aries.
    This position gives a good deal of enthusiasm and impulsive
    behaviour, for you are very insistent on gaining your own way.
    You can be disobedient to superiors, independent and self
    reliant, with an attraction to change and a dislike of
    conventional behaviour. You can achieve either popularity or
    infamy with your urge to get noticed and be at the head of
    things. Your drive may lead to you being placed in charge of
    people or reaching some kind of prominence. There can be the
    risk of illness or accidents in the head region, particularly
    fevers. Certainly you will be driven more by intellect than
    by intuition with the head ruling the heart. Your mother could
    play an influential part in your life, not necessarily a 
    helpful one, there is the likelihood of differences with your
    parents or a separation or they could die early. The Moon
    helps all ventures where boldness and energetic pursuit of
    goals are required and you will try to go your own way. The
    paths you choose may take people by surprise and be against 
    their advice but you will carry on regardless. Secrecy may
    be involved in your affairs and you will be attracted to
    the unseen and occult. You may meet with unpopularity or
    scandal through your impulsive actions.
    Moon in Taurus.
    You are quietly persistent by nature, conservative, ambitious
    and eager to acquire both possessions and friends, as well as
    land, property and money to fulfill your earthy nature. You
    follow established customs and could do well in occupations
    involved with land, old established businesses, heavy goods
    and property. You could work in the family business or benefit
    from your parents. Sometimes the occupation may be considered
    lowly, but you will gradually accumulate the wealth you seek
    since you like the good things of life which add to your
    sense of security. You could be attracted to living on the
    coast or near rivers and money can be generated from companies
    involved with wholesaling, associations and large groups. A
    sensual rather self indulgent nature could lead to over
    indulgence and a materialistic approach to life, so that some
    self restraint needs to be practised.
    Moon in Gemini.
    This position favours pursuits of a mental nature for it
    enlivens the intellect and makes you sociable, curious and
    warm hearted in relationships. You will find much enjoyment
    in books and films, study and scientific work, for your mind
    is as active as you are physically. You like to be out and
    about, and could change your house frequently or have more
    than one house. There is a restlessness which often
    takes you on short journeys for business or visiting friends.
    Your are adaptable and receptive and can live on your wits
    so that occupations like travelling salesman, speaker, clerk
    receptionist, secretary, journalist, artist and designer will
    appeal to you. You may be engaged in more than one occupation
    even at the same time or consecutively, for your mind is 
    changeable and you are not given to perseverance. On occasions
    you can be less than straightforward in regards to money,
    dealings with friends and neighbours and with property. You could
    benefit through your mother or her side of the family and may
    resemble her in attitudes if not in looks. Sometimes there are
    step-brothers or sisters or step-parents in the family.
    Moon in Cancer.
    You are fond of taking life easy and are attached to your home
    which will be a place where you can relax and enjoy 
    domesticity. Your surroundings and the people you meet have
    a strong influence over you since you are receptive by nature
    and take on the colouring of the environment you are in. You
    can be subject to mood changes and generally fall in line
    with the expectations of others through not wishing to
    resist their wishes. You are likely to do well when working
    under or with another and you have inherent abilities for acting
    or for expressing the thoughts and feelings of others. This 
    sensitivity can show in art and poetry as well, also 
    mediumistic activity or psychic abilities. Water attracts
    you and you could deal with liquids or be fortunate in houses,
    land or shipping. This is a good position for fertility and
    can indicate a greater than normal number of children.
    Moon in Leo.
    You are likely to rise in life and come to a position of
    responsibility or notice in your circle helped by an 
    ambitious nature and a generous, if not overgenerous,
    disposition. You are self confident, loyal, magnanimous
    and self reliant with a sunny warmth and candour. You could
    benefit financially through your parents or wealthier people
    who assist you and you will have some attraction for luxury
    goods and clothes. You do not hesitate to take the spotlight
    if it is thrust upon you, and actually enjoy holding
    responsible positions, you engender trust from others.
    You should enjoy popularity, especially with the opposite
    sex and are a sincere lover. Your intuition is good and
    you could have a touch of inspiration about you, you will
    certainly be drawn to public entertainments, sport, art
    and music or poetry, probably all of them. This is not a good
    position for the father, there can be trouble brought on him
    by you.
    Moon in Virgo.
    You will be drawn to mental pursuits of some kind, for this
    position indicates a good memory and intellect combined with
    a high degree of discrimination and attraction to scientific
    methodology. There is a reasonableness and considerateness
    about you which others find attractive. You may do best
    working in a subordinate capacity, and you are by nature
    quiet and easy going. Anything to do with diet, health,
    teaching or foodstuffs may attract you as an occupation.
    As well as making a good team member, you can benefit from
    work associates and will have many friends, especially
    female friends. You may join an association, society
    or group and your work could involve many short journeys
    such as secretary, messenger or clerk, traveller, teacher. 
    You are likely to make your way in life through your mental
    ability. This is not a good position for the mother or for your
    own good health in the area ruled by the house position of
    of the moon. In your chart this affects the body area of
    the throat and neck and shoulders.
    Moon in Libra.
    You are popular and attractive to the opposite sex and thrive
    on socialising and company. By nature you are kind, 
    affectionate and well disposed to people which is just as well
    as much of your life is heavily influenced by associates and
    you will find you achieve much more when working in tandem 
    with a partner. You are attracted to adornments, luxuries, fine
    clothes and amusements, you are particularly drawn to music,
    fine art and poetry and could have abilities here. Your 
    parents should be fortunate, especially your mother, who will
    have a strong effect on you and you could benefit from 
    inheritances, most likely through your mother. One person 
    in particular will have a great effect on your life and you
    will be drawn to partnerships in every department of living.
    Your marriage could be helped or hindered by a parent or
    parent in law, and also your career is similarly affected. There could be a 
    difference in age or status between you and your partner
    in both business and marriage.
    This position indicates a good marriage for a man as well as
    many friends among women who will be attracted by your charm
    and artistic ways.
    Moon in Scorpio.
    You are fond of pleasure, comfort and looking after your
    strong desires so that you will seek to obtain what you wish
    whatever the opposition. You can be abrupt and plain spoken
    and much given to anger and rages where thwarted so that revenge
    becomes attractive to you, but you are capable of working hard
    to obtain the good things of life and increase your sense of
    ease. Although you may appear radical you are actually very
    very conservative by nature and adverse to change so that it
    can produce obstinacy and lack of openness to reason. On 
    occasions your anger can completely take you over. You may
    experience trouble through one of your children and could
    be subject to diseases of the bowel or bladder. You may
    over indulge in drink and coarse behaviour without other
    refining influences in your chart and there is the risk of scandal
    caused by your actions. You are drawn to psychic perceptions
    and the occult or what is hidden and will attract the opposite
    sex but trouble can come through them and there could be
    disharmony in the marriage. Even so you will probably gain from
    marriage or partnership but could also be required to spend
    heavily on the family. You are likely to have much contact
    with death and the affairs of the dead. A death is likely
    to have occurred in your family or among associates around the time
    of your birth or early life.
    This is a good indicator for marriage in a male chart even
    though there will be disharmony within it, but there should
    also be financial gain.
    Moon in Sagittarius.
    You incline to restlessness in either mind or body and there
    is a strong urge to be active taking physical exercise or 
    playing sports. You are drawn to travel and will take at least
    one long journey in your life. You are sincere, honourable, 
    kindly and good humoured, and are much preoccupied with the
    development of the higher mind and spirit which could reflect
    in a professional interest in education, philosophy, the law,
    learning or religion. You are intereted in mysticism and are
    a natural teacher or preacher and there could be psychic gifts
    such as clairvoyance or telepathy. You hunger after knowledge
    and facts and can become a forceful character with a strong
    willpower prepared to put your plans into effect no matter what
    since you are fearless and enterprising. You can have true
    dreams, and an especial talent for philosophy or religion if
    there are other indications of mental development. Certainly
    you will be drawn to many and varied experiences in life. You
    may have several occupations and will either be a good worker
    for someone else or benefit from work associates. You could have
    have a step parent or step brothers and sisters, or be adopted.
    Moon in Capricorn.
    You are likely to have a sense of mission in life which it
    may take the whole of your life for you to feel is
    fulfilled, this could become an obsession for there is an element
    of the fanatic in your emotional make-up and you are very
    wrapped up with your own sense of values of right or wrong so
    that you are more than capable of using any means necessary to
    achieve your ends. There is an element of uncaring selfishness
    within you, you are always alert for victory even if it is at
    the expense of someone else. You have a keen brain which can
    bring you success in public life or work in some way, or you
    could deal with large numbers of people at work. There is 
    usually some drawback to any position or reputation your 
    ambition wins for you and you may stir up enemies, either
    secret or open ones, alternatively your reputation may be
    threatened or blackened. There could be trouble connected to
    the parents, one may die or there will disharmony, differences
    of opinion or separation. Alternatively your birth could be
    outside marriage or you could be badly brought up by your 
    parents. Certainly there will be some drawback to your 
    upbringing. Your parents could either help or hinder your
    marriage prospects and this position, while encouraging
    marriage, also produces some limitation within it, the partner
    could die early or there is some disharmony, there could be
    differences in age, social position or possessions. You are
    fond of show as well as calculating and cautious in money matters. 
    You know how to influence others but by nature you are rather
    cold and think too little of the feelings of others. 
    For a man this position indicates a tendency to be impersonal
    in your attitude to the world and selfish in your aims and
    Moon in Aquarius.
    This is good position for the moon in a chart and indicates you
    are likely to be emotionally stable, intelligent, balanced and
    optimistic by nature. You will drawn to occult study in some form
    such as astrology, fortune telling, visionary perception and could
    be associated with a progressive group in this area. Any group
    or company which works in the political, educational or scientific
    field may also draw your attention as a suitable workplace for you
    desire in your work to uplift humanity. Local affairs may interest
    you for similar reasons. You are sociable and sympathetic and 
    wish to gain a good reputation but you are also very independent,
    caring little for orthodox behaviour which can mean some see you
    as an eccentric. You have imagination, intuition and sensitivity
    to aid your perceptions. You may benefit from females through 
    inheritance and general help or from your maternal side of the family
    also from partnerships in business and from occupations to do
    with the land, established concerns and property. You may suffer
    from nerve related complaints.
    Moon in Pisces.
    You are fond of change and variety, which can mean you appear
    irresolute and easily swayed because you can change your mind
    on emotional whim. It is your emotions which largely
    determine your opinions. You could seek sensational outlets
    to express yourself as a relief from depressed feelings. 
    Dejection can come about from opposition and you seek 
    to lose yourself in drink or self indulgence. Whatever appeals
    to you emotionally you will follow even if it is to your
    detriment. You are drawn to travel, especially by water and
    could change your residence often. You are drawn to the 
    romantic in art and poetry, also in music, where your feelings
    can be expressed. Religion can offer you emotional outlets.
    You can be over serious or depressed by the obstacles you meet
    in life and all too easily give into a pessimistic view
    of the world. You do have mediumistic powers and psychic abilities
    through your sensitivity to the feelings of others. You are likely
    to be on the fleshy side and not very robust in health. Your birth
    could bring trouble for your mother and you may have secret enemies.
    Sometimes you are less than straightforward and you could 
    experience restriction at some time in life where you are confined
    in some way, such as in a hospital or large institution.
    Self analysis and self improvement can help you develop a more
    positive nature which will bring out your entertaining and 
    imaginative sides so that you become great fun to be with and
    let your creative output flow.
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